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Chris was fantastic from the beginning. He was not from our area but he was highly recommended by our friend and mortgage broker. He was always prepared on each home we looked at, made 2-3 showings a day at our request. Change easily as we changed our needs. Called frequently just to “check”. Continued to assist and answer questions after closing. We would consider anyone choosing Chris as their agent as very fortunate. No one is more dedicated to their clients. Consider Chris a new friend.

-Jannie Phillips

I’ve had the pleasure of working for, and alongside Chris in a few different capacities. Chris possesses many qualities that make him a truly great person to work with (and frankly a great guy in general). The most notable quality is a level of attention to detail that I have seen in no one else. This is paired with a genuine, caring personality, and topped off with a work ethic that is unparalleled. People like Chris are hard to come by, and anyone that gets the opportunity to work with him understands this.

-Joey V.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris now quite a few years. He is incredibly professional and has always approached each project with his incredible enthusiasm! You are in very good hands with Chris!

-Miguel V.